Deputy Commander, Zvornicka Brigade (VRS)
SEPTEMBER 26th, 1995
On September 26th, 1995, I was about to leave the Brigade to perform duties in Krajina. At about 0900 hours that morning, I saw Popovic at the entrance of the Zvornik Brigade Command Building. He had a map rolled up under his arm. He went upstairs.
Later, when I returned from Krajina on October 20th, I heard that several members of the Brigade's Engineering unit, some Military Police and Drago Nikolic participated in the re-burial of those prisoners executed in July 1995. The remainder of those who participated were brought in by Popovic, including some Drina Corps Military Police, who secured the area and traffic where the re-burials were taking place. I heard that Popovic wore civilian clothes for this operation. I heard that some of the Zvornik Brigade earth moving equipment and personnel were used in the initial burial phase and exhumation but have no information if they were used to construct the secondary graves. I also heard that Popovic and Drago Nikolic changed truck drivers at regular intervals, and that some Zvornik Brigade engineers were involved in the loading of bodies from the primary graves. I also heard that both Popovic and Beara visited the work during the re-burial operation, but were wearing civilian clothes.
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