Deputy Commander, Zvornicka Brigade (VRS)
SEPTEMBER 14th, 1995
The fuel story
On September 14th, 1995 I returned to the Zvornik Brigade from the field. The Duty Officer informed me that the Duty Officer of the Drina Corps had called and said that five tons of fuel was to be given to Trbic for a task. I telephoned the Drina Corps and spoke to the Duty Officer, but he did not know about the fuel. About 5 to 10 minutes later I was telephoned by Popovic who asked me how I knew about the fuel. I told him from the Duty Officer. Popovic told me that the Duty Officers were incompetent and had made a mistake. Pandurevic arrived the next day on September 15th and I told him about the fuel story. He was going to the Drina Corps and said he would look into it. When he returned from the Drina Corps, Pandurevic told me that Popovic and his men would be in charge of the re-burying of the Muslim prisoners buried after the initial execution.
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