SEPTEMBER 14th, 1995
On September 14th, 1995, the VRS Main Staff issued order number J-2341. This order, issued in the name of General Ratko Mladic, authorized the issue of "5 tons" of D2 diesel fuel for "performing engineering works in the zone of the responsibility of the Drina Corps." This order was sent to the Drina Corps Command and to the Rear Section of the Main Staff. A copy for review was sent to the Zvornik Brigade. It should be noted that the order is precise in stating the fuel must be transported to the barracks at the converted factory "Standard" in Zvornik and delivered to Captain Milorad Trbic, who would be responsible for the precise monitoring of the motor working hours of the engineering machinery and the total consumption of fuel. In connection with these orders, the Technical Department of the Main Staff issued order number 10/34/2-3-701 issuing fuel to the Drina Corps.
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