VRS, driver
17. JULI 1995.

According to the testimony of Milenko Tomic, former driver for the VRS barracks "Standard" in Zvornik, he did not know that he would transport dead bodies from Pilica to Branjevo Military Farm.
"Around 9 in the morning I went to Zvornik and at the intersection before Pilica a young soldier was waiting for me. He got in the truck and told me to drive to the "Kula" school. After arriving in Pilica, Tomic, on the orders of the soldier inside the truck with him, parked directly in front of the entrance of the school building. Then soldiers that were in front of the building told him to get out of the truck and get away from the door.
"I did as I was told. I got away from the door and went down to the end of the street where an old woman offered me some coffee. I stayed with her until they asked me to come back. I neither saw nor sensed anything unusual then." In further testimony Tomic confirmed that the same soldier rode the truck to Branjevo Military Farm, where Tomic was told for the first time that the truck was carrying corpses. "I honestly didn't believe it. When we arrived in Branjevo I parked the truck near some open graves and got out. Everything was clear. Then I saw they were tossing some corpses into them, but I felt so bad that I went over to a barn. Believe me, I don't know how many dead bodies there were, but I think they were dressed in civilian clothes," Tomic said.
The witness said that once more that day he transported the dead bodies of men from Pilica to the Branjevo Military Farm, and after finishing the assignment drove back to Zvornik. "The entire truck was bloody, that I remember. I know that two days later I went to the chief, Pantic, and complained and described what I'd been carrying. Pantic just told me 'Service is service,' and gave me a new task," Tomic said.
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