JULY 17th, 1995
All of the mass executions were completed by the evening of July 17th, 1995; most of the activity connected to burials took place after the executions.
Evidence: Travel Log
As stated in brigade travel logs, the following vehicles on July 17th 1995 were in use at the execution and burial sites at Branjevo Military Farm.
ULT 220, property of "Birac Holding" (no registration plates) was active for 8 ½ hours.
During the same period a Mercedes 2626 truck (registration number M-5195) towed on trailer "Bg700" an excavator from base "Standard" (Zvornik Brigade Headquarters) to the Branjevo Military Farm and returned to base later the same day.
As in the case of Orahovac, the Zvornik Brigade has no records on the use of the excavator "BGH-700." However, fuel distribution records from the Zvornik Brigade indicate that on July 17th 100 liters of diesel fuel were issed to the BGH-700.
Opel "Record"
Travel log for July 17th, 1995: "Standard"-Zvornik-Cer-Zvornik. Total distance: 156 kilometers.
Evidence – Branjevo
Satellite images from July 17th 1995 show an excavator digging a pit and burying bodies at the execution site.
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