JULY 16th, 1995
Colonel Vujadin Popovic called "Zlatar" looking for General Radislav Krstic. When he learned that Krstic was not available, he spoke with an unidentified person with the last name Rasic (Duty Officer at the Drina Corps Command).

"Palma": (Code for Popovic): Hello, it's Colonel Popovic.
Rasic: Rasic here.
Popovic: Rale!
Rasic: Yes.
Popovic: I was just up there.
Rasic: Yes.
Popovic: I'm here…you know where I am.
Rasic: I know.
Popovic: Well, you got his interim report.
Rasic: All of it.
Popovic: Everything was the way he wrote it…I was there on the spot, rest assured, it's good, some of the figures…in a way not it's not that important…tomorrow I'll come so tell the general…I've finished the job.
Rasic: You finished?
Popovic: I finished everything.
Rasic: Good.
Popovic: I'll come there tomorrow when I'm sure it's all been taken care of.
Rasic: Good.
Popovic: After I bring a transport from there.
Rasic: Right
Popovic: Just the thing…horrible…it was horrible
Rasic: Listen, Vujadin-
Popovic: Yes?
Rasic: Tell me, did anything arrive there now from Vidoje Blagojevic?
Popovic: From Vidoje?
Rasic: Today.
Popovic: Yes. You mean manpower?
Rasic: Yes, yes. Did anything arrive? Something was supposed to arrive.
Popovic: Yes, it arrived. It's up there, it's up there, but it didn't arrive on time and it wasn't brought on time. And the others who did arrive – did arrive, but they were late, and so they weren't brought in on time, and that's why the commander who was there had some problems.
Rasic: When exactly did Blagojevic's men arrive?
Popovic: I don't know exactly, fuck it, I can't say now.
Rasic: The duty officer might know…
Popovic: The duty officer might…here's the duty officer.
Rasic: Let me speak to him.
Popovic: Here.
Duty Officer: Hello.
Rasic: Hello.
Duty Officer: Yes, I'm here-
Rasic: When did Blagojevic's men arrive?
Duty Officer: From Badem? (code)
Rasic: Yes…when did they come and how many arrived?
Duty Officer: I'll let you know.
Rasic: OK. Find out exactly and call me back.
Duty Officer: I will.
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