JULY 16th, 1995
Report of the Zvornik Brigade Commander: "Given the heavy burden of the brigade's zone, the losses suffered and the inability of the force to survive while surrounded, and the abandonment of the Zvornik Brigade to itself to hold the Srebrenica Turks, and the complete determination on the part of the Muslim converts to emerge with even only a few survivors any way possible, and to prevent losses among my own ranks, and estimating the situation given that we have lost three trenches in that direction, I decided to open a corridor to the civilian population, which was around 5,000. I have coordinated with the enemy side on the manner of evacuation and it is underway. I have requested the release of a captured policeman and missing soldiers. The process is ongoing but I think it will succeed. There are probably a certain number of soldiers left among the civilians, but all those who passed were unarmed." The agreed-upon corridor was opened between 1400-1700 hours for the column in the area of Baljkovica, and completely closed between 1700-1800 hours.
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