JULY 16th, 1995
The Pilica Culture Center was in the 1st battalion of the Zvornik Brigade's zone of responsibility. On July 16th hundreds of Muslim prisoners were executed there. It is not known whether anyone survived the killings there. According to the testimony of Drazen Erdemovic, the same soldiers from Bratunac who had arrived to assist with the Branjevo Military Farm shootings carried out the killings at the Pilica Cultural Center. These soldiers from Bratunac left the Farm as soon as the executions there were finished and travelled to another location to continue with the killings.
Erdemovic testified that, at around 1500 hours on July 16th, 1995, after he and his fellow soldiers from the 10th Sabotage Detachment had finished executing the prisoners at the Branjevo Military Farm, they were told that there was a group of 500 Bosnian Muslim prisoners from Srebrenica trying to break out of a nearby club. He and the members of his unit refused to carry out any more killings. They were then told to attend a meeting with the Lieutenant Colonel at a café in Pilica.
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