JULY 16th, 1995
Around 0800 hours on the morning of July 16th, 1995, some parts of the 28th division of the ARBiH, in a joint action with artillery support from the 2nd Corps of the ARBiH from Tuzla, attacked and breached VRS lines, joining the front of the column in the area of Baljkovica, where fierce battles were taking place between the
Zvornik Brigade and the 2nd Corps of the ARBiH. That was followed by negotiations between the 2nd Corps of the ARBiH and the Zvornik Brigade over radio. Some parts of the columns continued trying to break through into territory under the control of the ARBiH. Many surrendered and were loaded onto buses and trucks and then taken to the Cerska Valley. One survivor remembered that when he arrived there, he realized that he was treading upon blood; others who passed through the Cerska Valley a week later could smell the stench of corpses.
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