JULY 15th, 1995
COLONEL VINKO PANDUREVIC, Commander of Zvornicka Brigade (VRS)
Vinko Pandurevic's report:
"An additional burden is the large number of prisoners held in schools in the area of the brigade and the obligation to secure and sanitize this terrain. This command can no longer deal with these problems because it lacks the materiel and other resources. If no one else takes over this obligation, I will be forced to release them."
At that time on July 15th, prisoners held in Orahovac and at the dam had already been killed, and the majority of them already buried. Prisoners in Pilica, and those later killed in Kozluk, were still alive. Borovcanin expressed dissatisfaction with the provision of buses used by civilian police (prisoners kept overnight in parked buses grew agitated and began to rock the buses). They had problems guarding the prisoners, and he said he did not want police guarding the prisoners when they reached their destination in Zvornik.

Upon a request of the Drina Corps Headquarters classified no. 05/1-241 dated July 15th 1995 "and according to the need that has emerged", the Secretariat of the Ministry of Defence in Zvornik ordered the mobilization of all persons liable for military service from the territory of the municipalities of Vlasenica, Milici, Skelani, Bratunac and Sekovici in order to search the terrain and liquidate the column. In addition to the army, police forces were actively involved in arrests and imprisonment.
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