JULY 15th, 1995
On July 15th at 1000 hours the Zvornik Brigade learned of a column of "between 4,000-5,000 men." The regular combat report which the Zvornik Brigade sent to the Drina Corps Command on July 15th reported heavy fighting with the column of Bosnian Muslims, and that ARBiH forces had begun attacking the frontlines in an effort to help the column break out.

An emergency combat report from the same day claimed that following the enemy attack the entirety of the Zvornik Brigade was engaged. From July 15th,Vidoje Blagojevic, Commander of the Bratunac Brigade, was in charge of "cleaning and searching" the field. Part of the column marched toward Kravica and Konjevic Polje to cross the area of Udrc mountain and then on to Tuzla and Zivinice. During the day several of these groups surrendered to VRS soldiers.
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