JULY 13th, 1995
Concern over the number of prisoners in and around the area of Bratunac soon became a topic of discussion among senior security and political figures in the area. It was late in the evening and there was inadequate transportation available to take prisoners to Zvornik.

WITNESS Momir Nikolic testified:
To address the situation, Colonel Beara, Miroslav Deronjic, Dragomir Vasic and I met at the premises of the Serb Democratic Party(SDS) in Bratunac. Deronjic was afraid the prisoners represented a threat to the city's security and did not want killings done in or around Bratunac. At the meeting, we openly discussed the killing operations. We discussed logistics, transport and security support. The meeting ended on July 14th at 0030 hours, and I returned to the Bratunac Brigade, where I informed my commander Colonel Vidoje Blagojevic of the instructions I received from Colonel Beara that all the prisoners be transported to Zvornik, where they would be detained and killed. He accepted what I said and asked me no further questions. Over the course of three days, July 11th, 12th, and 13th, the entire remaining Muslim population of the enclave had either fled or been deported or killed.
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