13. JULI 1995.
ORDER I-1638
During the evening of July 13th, the VRS Main Staff issued Order I-1638. This order concerned the prevention of any leakage of classified military information regarding the performance of combat operations. This order was sent to the Drina Corps Command, and ordered the closure of the roads between Konjevic Polje-Bratunac-Kravica and Rogatica-Borike-Visegrad except for MUP RS vehicles engaged in combat operations. In addition, special orders were given that no information may be given out, specifically "information on the course, conditions and result of combat operations in this area and the overall activity in this area, especially regarding prisoners of war, civilian evacuees, refugees, etc." Krstic

On July 13th, General Radislav Krstic was made commander of the Drina Corps of the VRS. The change of command was made official on July 14th by RS President Radovan Karadzic.
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