JULY 13th, 1995
According to an intercepted conversation between Miroslav Deronjic (newly named Civil Commissioner for Srebrenica) and the government of RS President Radovan Karadzic, Deronjic was to negotiate with the VRS to take prisoners from Bratunac.

Transport The physical transfer of prisoners from places in and around Bratunac for temporary detention to detention and execution sites within the area under the responsibility of the Zvornik Brigade represented the second phase of the process. According to survivors' testimonies, the transportation of prisoners from the area of Bratunac to schools within the Zvornik Brigade's zone of responsibility began in the early evening of July 13th, which coincides with the complete relocation of the Muslim population from Potocari. Prisoners began arriving at schools in the early morning hours of July 14th, and transportation continued throughout July 15th, with prisoners being housed at Grbavci school, Petkovci, Pilica (at the school and the Cultural Center) and (probably) in Rocevic. VRS Command In order to accomplish this, MORS issued orders to the local secretariat of home defense for the municipality of Bijeljina for the mobilization of 50 buses, granting permission to mobilize "all available means" (buses, trucks, etc.) for the "transportation of personnel."
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