JULY 13th, 1995
An overcrowded bus filled with women, children and the elderly on the road from Potocari to Kladanj was stopped and searched in Tisca; any men found aboard were taken off the bus.

He managed to slip onto the bus, but he was separated in Tisca.

His story
"I got off the bus with my child in my arms. My wife had her backpack on her back and she was supporting my mother because she was old and very frail. My child was five years old. After we got off the bus and took a few steps, I noticed several Serb soldiers. One of them pulled me by the shoulder and told me: 'Give the child to your wife and come with us.' I had to do that. So I gave my wife the child. I tried again to turn around because I knew this would be the last time I saw my child. As a matter of fact, I was about to say something. I wanted to say anything, but then I couldn't. At that moment a Serb soldier shoved me with his rifle and said "Move on."
Witness D said that the operation in Tisca was very well organized. From that point he was taken to a nearby school where there were already a number of other prisoners.

Sometime around midnight, Witness D and 22 other prisoners were loaded onto a truck with their hands tied behind their backs. At one point the truck stopped, and one soldier said: "Not here. Take them up there, where they took people before."

The truck arrived at another checkpoint, where the soldiers came around to the back of the truck and began shooting the prisoners. Witness D managed to untie his hands, leaped from the truck and fled into the woods. After a grueling journey through the woods, he eventually reached safety.
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