JULY 13th, 1995
There is strong evidence that at different locations around Bratunac between 4,000 – 5,000 prisoners were kept in a warehouse/hangar, in the old school, in three lines of trucks and buses in a parking lot, and on a football field. The Dutch battalion soldiers who remained in Bratunac were at various locations, among them the Hotel "Fontana," and a technical school. Both of these were close to the football field.

"Old School," Bratunac
Prisoners were kept in the school from late afternoon July 13th till the afternoon of July 15th. During this period they were given no food and a small amount of water. Often they were beaten. According to the statement of one survivor, men would be led out, and he would then hear gunfire, after which none would return. On July 15th they were transferred to a school in Pilica, which is associated with the mass executions at Branjevo Military Farm. Buses in front of "Vuk Karadzic" school and the "old school." Since the detention facilities were full, prisoners were kept in the buses and trucks in which they were brought.

This witness surrendered to VRS forces near Konjevic Polje in the early morning hours of July 13th. He spent the night of July 13th – July 14th in one of the buses parked in front of the "Vuk Karadzic" school. This and one other bus were filled with Bosnian Muslims who were captured on the Bratunac – Konjevic Polje road. At around 1100 hours, July 14th, these buses were joined by additional vehicles, and the convoy arrived mid-afternoon in front of Grbavci school (associated with the site of mass executions in Orahovac).
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