JULY 13th 1995
Late in the afternoon, more than 1,000 prisoners in Sandici village were taken to Kravica and detained in a warehouse. They were a part of the column that had surrendered on the Bratunac-Kravica-Konjevic Polje road during the morning of July 13th, including those who had gathered at Sandici meadow.

Executions began around 1700 hours and lasted several hours. Witness testimony indicated that prisoners who couldn't escape from the warehouse were killed with infantry arms, machine guns, and grenades. All the exits to the warehouse were covered by gunfire. The killings continued till dark. The people crowded inside the warehouse were shot.

Witness K
It's hard for me to describe it. I haven't seen anything like it in any of the horror movies I saw. This was worse than any film. Soon after Witness K slipped out through a window, he was fired at by a Serb soldier standing guard. The witness fell to the ground and lay still, pretending to be dead, until the morning. He then fled while soldiers were otherwise occupied. Guards positioned around the building killed any prisoners that tried to escape through the windows. When the shooting stopped, the warehouse was full of corpses. After the last prisoner was killed, an excavator began hauling the bodies out of the warehouse. A water tank was used to wash the blood off the asphalt.
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