UN military observers(UNMO) reported that until 1715 hours on July 13th the Bosnian Serbs carried out the deportation of civilians outside the UN base in Potocari, and then began their persecutions within the base. At that time the majority of people in the base were those on the list composed the previous day and numbered 239 people, together with 60 who refused to be named on the list. These people begged the UN official in vain not to surrender them to the waiting Serbs. Members of the Dutch battalion who participated in the decision later said they did not believe they were condemning these people to death, and that they believed the Serbs would comply with the Geneva Convention. To this day those 239 people are missing.

By the end of July 13th, 1995, not one Muslim male in the former "safe area" of Srebrenica remained. Almost all fell into of one of the following categories:
1. Still alive and crossing through the woods towards territory controlled by the ARBiH
2. Killed during this march
3. Surrendered to the Serbs in Potocari or during this march, and later killed.
4. Transferred to Bratunac, detained, then transferred to execution sites.
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