JULY 13th, 1995
Killings began of hundreds of unarmed men and boys.
The first large-scale executions, and the first case of the organized execution of prisoners, was in Cerska. In the afternoon (around 1600 hours), the VRS drove 3 buses carrying Muslim prisoners to Cerska and executed them.

Witness M, who was hiding in the woods, saw two or three buses, and behind them an APC and bulldozer, moving toward Cerska. After that he heard small arms fire that lasted for around a half hour. The buses and APC returned to the same road, but the bulldozer remained.

Material evidence confirms Witness M's testimony that the executions occurred. Aerial photography showed that between July 5th and July 27th the spot had been excavated and refilled. Judging by the locations of shell casings, it seems that the victims were lined up along the road, while their executioners stood on the opposite side.
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