JULY 13th, 1995
By July 13th at the latest, members of the Zvornik Brigade's command were already engaged in searching for places to serve as detention centers for the Muslims of Srebrenica. This initial activity is revealed by monitoring the movements of an Opel "Record," registration number P-4528, assigned to the Zvornik Brigade Command. The car went on a series of trips to places that were used to hold prisoners and was assigned to three members of the Zvornik Brigade's Military Police. Pilica (Branjevo Military Farm) and Kozluk are known execution sites. Orahovac was a site of detention and execution, as was the Pilica Cultural Center. The area cited as Rocevic is a village with a school located 4 kilometers from Pilica and Branjevo Military Farm. Investigations confirmed that Rocevic was a detention site for Bosnian Muslims. Pilica School (Kula) was a detention site, and Kravica a detention and execution site.

The following is from a travel log for the vehicle dated July 13th, 1995: July 13: 'Standard – IKM (Forward Command Post) – Zvornik – local drive - Orahovac-Zvornik – Orahovac - 'Standard' – Bratunac – Zvornik
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