13th JULY 1995
In keeping with standard practice of modern warfare, both the VRS and the ARBiH eavesdropped on enemy communications. The VRS had protected lines but these did not always work and took longer to set up; VRS officers often used unprotected lines because they were faster. ARBiH intelligence officers intercepted conversations over these lines and recorded them. These recordings were submitted to the Prosecutor's Office at the Hague Tribunal. A wiretap linked to the VRS from July 13th, at 1355 hours, notes a certain Colonel Milanovic (Drina Corps) speaking with the duty officer at "Palma" ("Palma" was the codename of the headquarters of the Zvornik Brigade).

Milanovic: "Is your bulldozer…the one with the scoop…available, and if so…I really need it…to report to Konjevic Polje…"

He was told the bulldozer was already in use on the ground and could not be sent over soon.
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