JULY 13th, 1995
Groups of men in large numbers from the rear of the column began surrendering to the VRS. The first group surrendered in Sandici meadow, west of Kravica; the second surrendered just north of Nova Kasaba near a football field. From the start of the day till 1730 hours, at least 6,000 men were captured and sent to various detention areas.
Witnesses estimated that between 1,000-4,000 people captured from the column were detained in Sandici meadow. The soldiers guarding them demanded they place their belongings in a pile and surrender their valuables. Later that afternoon General Ratko Mladic visited the meadow, and assured the prisoners they would only be exchanged as prisoners of war, and that their families had been transported to Tuzla and were safe. Then, like a flock of sheep, they began to be driven from the meadow. Some were boarded onto buses, others led away on foot to a nearby warehouse in Kravica. Some were boarded onto buses for Bratunac or other spots in the vicinity.
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