JULY 11th, 1995
The majority of Srebrenica's men of military age did not seek refuge in Potocari. The vast majority of them, including the civilian and military authorities, as well as some of their families, decided instead that they would risk making their way on foot to Tuzla, some 50 km away, through Serb lines and through forested, partly mined territory. By mid-afternoon on July 11th, the men who were preparing to make the journey began to gather in the hamlet of Susnjari, located in the north-western portion of the enclave. Between 3,000-4,000 of the men were armed; around 10,000 were unarmed. There were a small number of women and children. The column was two or three people wide and about 15 kilometers in length. Reports indicated that armed men were placed at the front of the column, followed by the wounded, civilians, and another group of armed men. There were also armed men flanking the column.
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