JULY 9th 1995
UNPROFOR commander conferred with the SRSG (Special Representative of the Secretary-General) in Zagreb at 1800 hours. On the advice of their military staff, they decided that the Dutch battalion should establish a blocking position against the VRS forces' approach to the town from the south. The UNPROFOR Commander expected that the blocking position would fire upon the Serbs if attacked, and that close air support would also be requested in the event of such an attack. In connection with this, the acting UNPROFOR Commander in Sarajevo forwarded to the UNPROFOR Commander a written request for close air support, with related target information. It was this request, the only one received in Zagreb until then, that remained as a standing request throughout the remaining period of the VRS attack on Srebrenica. The SRSG and the UNPROFOR Commander decided to demand that the VRS offensive on Srebrenica be stopped, that the VRS withdraw to the enclave boundary, and that the VRS also immediately release all Dutch battalion personnel and their equipment.
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