JULY 9th, 1995
The UNPROFOR Commander's Chief of Staff again telephoned VRS General Zdravko Tolimir, expressing concern about the situation that was developing in Srebrenica. He told Tolimir that the VRS troops had penetrated 4 kilometers into the enclave and were now only 1 kilometer from the town of Srebrenica. He considered this to be an attack on the "safe area," and said that UNPROFOR would be forced to defend it with all means. He demanded an explanation of the VRS's actions and requested that they withdraw to at least 4 kilometers south of their present location, back to the recognized former confrontation line. Tolimir contended that the situation on the ground was not as had been presented and tried to focus on the discussions related to the return of the Dutch battalion personnel being held.

The UNPROFOR Commander's Chief of Staff returned to the main point that UNPROFOR would be forced to defend the safe area, particularly since it had not given the ARBiH back the weapons it had deposited at the collection point under the terms of the 1993 demilitarization agreements. Tolimir claimed that he would check the situation and would report back in 30 minutes, which he did not.
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