As these events unfolded on the ground, the UN Secretary-General convened a previously scheduled meeting in Geneva with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, the Special Representative for the former Yugoslavia, the UNPROFOR Commander (who was recalled from his leave to attend the meeting), his Special Political Adviser, and the Under-Secretaries-General for Peacekeeping Operations and Political Affairs.
At no point during that meeting was there any discussion about the ongoing VRS attack on Srebrenica nor was any assessment made that the VRS were planning to overrun the enclaves. The meeting discussed the issues for which it had been convened, namely to provide the Secretary-General with a strategic "stock-taking" of the situation on the ground and the prospects for the future. The UNPROFOR Commander assessed that the Serbs were "holding all the cards" and that the United Nations deployment in the enclaves translated into 900 potential "hostages" to be taken. He placed emphasis on minimizing the risk of escalation and Mr. Bildt's ongoing peacemaking efforts. The meeting concluded with a sense that if there were no breakthroughs on the peacemaking front in the immediate future the UN would have to consider withdrawing from Bosnia.
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