VRS General Major Milenko Zivanovic
JULY 2nd, 1995
On July 2nd, 1995, VRS General Major Milenko Zivanovic signed two orders planning an attack on the enclaves and ordering various units of the Drina Corps to assume a state of combat readiness. The operation was codenamed "Krivaja 95." The operation's objective was to decrease the size of the Srebrenica enclave and isolate it from its neighboring enclave Zepa.
It is generally believed that the Bosnian Serb forces surrounding the enclave were disciplined and well-armed. The VRS was organized according to territory, and Srebrenica fell within the Drina Corps' zone of responsibility. 3,000 soldiers from three Drina Corps brigades were deployed around the enclave. These forces were equipped with tanks, armored vehicles, multiple rocket launchers, artillery pieces, ant-aircraft guns and mortars. The ARBiH unit that had remained in the enclave was from the 28th division and was neither well organized nor well equipped. The unit lacked both a solid command structure and system of communication. Some soldiers carried only old hunting rifles; others had no weapons at all; only a few wore proper uniforms.
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