JUNE 9th, 1995
June 9th, 1995. the United Nations Commander in Bosnia, General Bertrand Janvier, UNPROFOR Commander General Rupert Smith (UN Commander in Sarajevo) and Special Representative to the UN Secretary General Yakushi Akashi, met in Split.

The transcript of the meeting shows that Janvier and Akashi continually opposed Smith's efforts to plan decisive measures to protect the enclave.

Janvier: "We are unable to use air power because we have troops on the ground."
Smith: "Our analysis of the intentions of the Serbs is to finish the war this year and to take any risk in order to achieve that ... This year they will destroy the eastern enclaves."
Janvier: "the Serbs need international recognition. I do not think they want to go to the end."
Smith wanted the United Nations to establish rules on the ground and declare their readiness to fight.
Janvier: "I insist that we will never use force and impose our will on the Serbs."
Smith: "If we hit them, they will be more cooperative."
Akashi: "We must defer to General Janvier as senior commander."
Later that day, Akashi issued a statement that the UN forces were to keep "strictly to the principles of peacekeeping." It was a triumph for the Bosnian Serbs when on June 18th they announced they would accept "cooperation" with the UN provided there were no future 'hostile actions'. By the beginning of July, UN intelligence services discovered "signs" of an impending offensive.
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